Training your Cane Corso

cane corso - Cane Corsos demand
a large amount of socialization and training, so incorporate obedience
classes into training to fulfill their socialization needs. We advise
the following:
cane corso breeder - Enroll
inside a puppy kindergarten class between 8 to 16 weeks old with a
free play period so puppies can interact with one another. Be sure you
such as the classes training techniques by viewing a category before

Cane Corso -
Enroll inside a basic obedience class after puppy kindergarten. It is
suggested this be done prior before Yr of aging). A number of the
basic commands that should be trained to your Corso before adolescence
are: Sit, Heal, Down, Come, Stay (sit/stay, down/stay, etc), Stop &

cane corso products - The ideal
time to behave fun together with your CC are at the onset of
adolescence. Try signing up for activities such as agility, fly ball,
herding, etc. This will assist release excessive energy, prevent
boredom & the battle of the teenage wills!
cane corso mastiff
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